Terms and Conditions

1. Fuel Surcharge

Subject to change monthly without notice, in accordance with fuel prices. Check monthly invoices for updates as well as our website.

2. Method of Payment

All freight charges are to be prepaid or guaranteed fully by the consignor if charges are to be collected.

3. Liability

Carrier’s liability is limited to $2.00 per pound based on actual weight for loss or damage of goods unless the value is declared, and additional insurance is purchased. Claims for total loss of shipment must be submitted within 3 months from the date on the bill of lading whereas shortages and/or damages must be submitted within 60 days. All freight must be paid before any claims can be processed and at no time will payment of freight charges be withheld due to unsettled claims. No liability will be assumed by MBW Courier Inc. for claims under $25.00.

4. Insurance

Maximum of $1000.00 of additional insurance may be purchased at a rate of $2.00 per hundred of value declared.

5. Re-weigh and re-cube

MBW Courier reserves the right to re-weigh or cube all shipments.

6. Cube Rule

Rate calculated on the higher of actual weight of 10 pounds per cubic foot (pcf) for all shipments. Cubic Footage calculated as H”xW”xL”/ 1728=cubic feet x 10 = cubic weight.

7. Dangerous Goods

$15.00 per shipment for all service points.

8. Offline Points

Minimum rate is $13.00 per delivery. Check our website for offline points.

9. Power Tailgate Service

$25.00 per usage of the tailgate per shipment.

10. COD Service

When shipper wants cash or certified cheque for the value of the goods, then MBW Courier’s COD Service must be used. The fee is $10.00. MBW Courier assumes responsibility to ensure the funds collected are either, cash, money order or certified cheque. Goods will not be delivered until funds received.

11. Loss & Damage

Carrier will not accept responsibility for consequential loss or damage.

12. Terms of payment

Account balance is due in full 30 days from the statement date. Accounts that are overdue may be placed on COD without notice.

13. Third party call-ins

Third party pickups not ready when the driver arrives are subject to 0 -10 lb minimum rate charge.